Monday, July 22, 2013

Fresnedi to make life easier for Munti PWDs

Persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Muntinlupa now have a reason to hope as Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi has finally put the spotlight on this often-marginalized sector of society.

Fresnedi is leading efforts for the creation of the first Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) in Muntinlupa in hopes of taking better care of PWDs through programs, improvements, and a cultural paradigm shift aimed at uplifting their welfare.

“It’s unfortunate that the welfare of PWDs in Muntinlupa has been neglected for quite some time,” Fresnedi said. “We are now taking extra effort to make the City more accommodating towards persons with special needs because they are also Muntinlupeños.”

Among the initiatives included with the creation of the PDAO are surveying the total PWD population in Muntinlupa and creating a database of their specific needs and conditions. The City’s Social Services Department estimates 2,000 PWDs based in Muntinlupa but admits this still needs to be verified.

The initiative also involves the creation of livelihood and employment opportunities for PWDs. Fresnedi has directed the City’s Public Employment Services Office (PESO) to look into this matter and coordinate with businesses in Muntinlupa to give PWDs the jobs they need.

Fresnedi is first to point out that Muntinlupa has lagged in adhering to the provisions of Republic Act No. 10070, also known as the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, in terms of disabled-friendly structures such as access ramps in all buildings and venues.

Fresnedi is also calling for increased awareness to the plight of PWDs as well as sensitivity to their condition. “We need to educate our citizens on how to treat PWDs with the respect that they deserve,” he added.

In line with this, an education program aiming to strengthen PWDs as they interact with society as well as teaching the proper cultural attitudes of the general population is to be implemented in the City.

Fresnedi is known in Muntinlupa for his disabled-friendly policies. During his first nine years as Mayor, Fresnedi personally delivered wheelchairs to deserving recipients through his Gulong ng Buhay (Wheels of Life) program.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fresnedi leading drive to normalize Munti gov’t services

Muntinlupeños are starting to get used to the “new normal” as Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi strives to return government services to their efficient levels in spite of a dire lack of funds.

Fresnedi conducted a spot inspection throughout the City over the weekend to see for himself how the local government’s line agencies are doing their work and directed them to step up their efforts.

“The challenge for us, obviously, is how to make the most with our limited budget,” Fresnedi said. “But doing things efficiently and to the best of one’s abilities can offset our financial limitations; we can also accomplish more if we help out each other,” he added.

Fresnedi directed the Environment Sanitation Center to improve garbage collection and in maintaining cleanliness in the City by conducting more frequent collection and sweeping activities.

He also oversaw the distribution of financial assistance to more than 100 families in barangay Cupang affected by a court order directing them to vacate the property. The residents voluntarily dismantled their structures in compliance with the order and were given P5,000 financial assistance by the City Government to help them start anew.

Fresnedi likewise monitored developments concerning the City’s ability to cope with flooding and heavy rains with the onset of the rainy season. He then directed the City’s rescue and social services to maintain constant readiness, as well as the City’s traffic bureau to ensure accessibility on all roads during calamities.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Muntinlupa opens employment opportunities to Japan

The return of Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi has signaled the reopening of friendly relations between Muntinlupa City and Japan, with employment opportunities for Muntinlupeños who are seeking work abroad.

“We are especially grateful to our Japanese friends who are once again renewing their trust and faith in the people of Muntinlupa,” Fresnedi said. “We hope that this will help our fellow Muntinlupeños who need jobs to support their families and achieve their dreams.”

The City Government is coordinating with the Phil. Assist Life Manpower Corporation through the Public Information Office (PIO) as the lead agency, the Public Employment Services Office (PESO) and the Muntinlupa City Technical Institute (MCTI) in sending skilled manpower and agriculture specialists to six-month to three-year contracts in Japan.

General requirements include the applicant to be a Filipino citizen, have no tattoo, no late registration NSO Birth Certificate, and no operation in the body. Those who have experience working abroad with the related skills have an advantage, but applicants must have been in the Philippines for at least two years.

Agriculture specialists must be between 20-30 years old, at least four years graduate or two years undergraduate with a BS in Agriculture, majoring in Crop Science, Animal Science, Horticulture, Agronomy, or at least high school graduate with experience in farming.

Opportunities for skilled work include welding, framing construction work, plumbing work, lathe machine operation, machine assembly finishing work (electronics), construction painting work, industrial packaging work, scaffolding work, bar assembly work, bread baking work, metal press operation, metal painting work, and plastic moulding.

The City of Muntinlupa has had sister-city relations with the City of Takasaki in Japan, leading to numerous training opportunities, educational scholarships, and cultural exchanges between the two cities, during the leadership of Mayor Fresnedi.

Preparations are currently ongoing for the renewal of sister-city relations with the City of Takasaki this coming November, promising more opportunities in the area of student and teacher exchange programs, skilled worker training, and medical assistance exchanges.

With the restoration of friendly ties, Fresnedi looks to carry on the legacy of honorable Muntinlupeño Kiyoshi Osawa, a Japanese philanthropist who supported numerous students with their education, and whose initiatives are now being implemented by his son Ichiro.

Those who wish to take hold of these employment opportunities can get in touch with PIO (862-4926), PESO (861-4633 / 659-2563) and MCTI (403-9629) for more details.

Muntinlupa Police nab rape suspect hiding for more than 10 years

It took a change in administration to finally close the net on a rape suspect who has been evading the law since a warrant for his arrest was issued a little over 13 years ago.

Muntinlupa Police recently arrested suspect Samuel Garcia, originally of Sitio Pagkakaisa, Barangay Sucat, who is alleged of raping his then-pregnant neighbor “Giselle” (not her real name) and has been constantly eluding law enforcers after a warrant for his arrest was issued in January 2000.

The breakthrough came following the sweeping change that is currently filling all sectors of the local government with the return of Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi and a timely break in the case that literally led police to the suspect himself.

“We welcome this development (in the case), and it is our hope that our police will continue to be vigilant and persistent in solving cases such as this that have been around for a long time,” Fresnedi said. “I am also directing our law enforcers to step up their efforts so that incidents such as this will not be repeated.”

Fresnedi is currently on a campaign to straighten up the City Government, which has been in quite a sorry state due to some apparently questionable practices by the previous administration.

Protective services such as the Muntinlupa Police as well as public order and safety-related departments of the City Government are currently being pushed by Fresnedi to do their mandate to the best of their abilities and do away with the culture of complacency.

Among the activities being conducted to restore order are the renovation of signage and other structures, proper management of street vendors, more frequent garbage collection and cleaning services, and increased police visibility and safety patrols.